CT 4.2 kernel now supports 80Mhz IBSS

Jorge Baranda jbaranda at cttc.es
Thu Sep 24 23:48:31 PDT 2015

Hi Ben,

I imagine, I am one of the guys you are refering to.
Within the thread "WLE600VX from PCEngines", I was trying to make 
working a HT80 IBSS connection with wpa_supplicant, but this connection 
was only set to 20MHz.
I was trying this with the 4.0 kernel, the 10.1.467-ct-14 firmware and 
the last version (git) of wpa_supplicant (2.5). By the way, has anyone 
tried this?

Then, due to this failure, I tried kernel 4.2 because Hannes Harm 
reported success to set HT80 IBSS. But I was not able to configure 
properly this kernel (compile OK, but the computer does not boot then).

@Ben, could you share a .config file for kernel 4.2? Do you think that 
Release14 CT firmware would be able to work? I will update the 4.2 
kernel, compile it and try to see
if I can set up the HT80 IBSS connection.



El 24/09/15 01:56, Ben Greear escribió:
> I forget exactly all who was asking for this...but hopefully
> they are reading this list...
> I was missing a patch that allowed HT80 IBSS in my 4.2.
> The beta-15 CT firmware appears to do HT80 IBSS just fine
> with the 4.2 kernel now.
> I have not attempted to enable this feature on my 4.0 kernel yet.
> Please also note, I've been hacking on rate-ctrl logic in both 4.0
> and 4.2 kernels (and beta-15 firmware)..so if you try it and find
> something weird, especially in probe requests or association requests,
> please do let me know.  Notes of success are welcome as well of course!
> http://www.candelatech.com/ath10k.php
> http://dmz2.candelatech.com/git/gitweb.cgi
> Thanks,
> Ben

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