QCA9880/9890 rfkill

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Hi Adrian - thank you for the quick response. I assume you're referring the otp.bin firmware file? Is there a mapping of the OTP to EEPROM settings available? That would be an easy fix if I can make a modification there to activate RFKILL. 



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The GPIO line needs to be hooked in via the relevant EEPROM/OTP setting so the firmware programs things in correctly.

Go dump the OTP and see what the rfkill firmware line is.


On 23 September 2015 at 11:55, William Riba <wriba at wriba.com> wrote:
> Does anybody know whether rfkill in its hard block flavor is supported 
> in any QCA9880/9890 based device and/or firmware load? While vendors 
> refer to the WiFi disable/GPIO line in their reference schematics, it 
> is not functional.  What I see after testing multiple cards is if the 
> line is asserted during operation, there seems to be no effect. If it 
> is asserted at boot-up, the device does not enumerate on the PCI bus.
> If Qualcomm does not intend to support this functionality anymore it 
> would be nice to know. Hard kills are a regulatory requirement for 
> certain applications. While we would like to use a QCA9890 in a new 
> application, there's no way it could make it through qualifications 
> with its current operation.  Any additional information on this would be welcome. Thanks.
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