Default rates for broadcast, multicast, and management frames?

Ben Greear greearb at
Tue Sep 15 11:20:08 PDT 2015

ath10k firmware allows one to set fixed rates for broadcast, multicast, and management/beacon
frames.  I think upstream firmware may not have full support, but the API is there in 10.1,
at least, and CT firmware has full support.

I think the defaults are 6Mbps, but not certain of that.

CT kernels have a patch that gives debugfs access to set this, and I am also
working on automatically decreasing the rate down to 1Mbps if user has specified
only /b legacy rates, etc.

Instead of using whatever the firmware chooses for defaults, I think it is
better if the driver explicitly set the rates as desired.

So, what are the suggested defaults for these rate types?  Stick with 6Mbps for
/b/g and /a modes?  Set to 1Mbps of /b mode?  Different defaults for different

Also, at least some ucast/bcast frames may be turned into directed frames and
then it may use normal peer rate-ctrl logic, as far as I remember.


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