CT firmware beta-15 can now tune noise-floor thresholds.

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Tue Sep 1 14:29:15 PDT 2015

Here is the changelog note.  This requires a corresponding driver patch to
enable configuring the firmware.  I tested this on my 4.0.4+ kernel.  I
will be adding this patch to my 3.17 and 4.2 (and future) kernels as well.

Should be useful for anyone trying (and failing) to pass ETSI CCA Adaptivity testing.

You are more likely to cause something to be worse than better, so don't use this
feature unless you know what you are doing and understand the consequences.

This firmware also has some debugging for a case where rate-ctrl gets stuck at
6Mbps and spews lots of dbglog messages into the logs.  This is not easy to
reproduce, but in case someone is debugging such an issue...please send me
full kernel logs if you detect the problem...maybe I can decode them and understand
the problem a bit better now.  You will need to be using my kernel (patches) in order to
get useful firmware logs, by the way.

   *  Enable setting noise-floor-threshold and min-cca-power.  If set, this will over
      ride the defaults, including eeprom (though firmware ignores these settings
      in the eeprom anyway.)  Don't mess with this unless you understand the
      consequences.  But, if set properly, noise-floor-threshold tweaking may fix
      ETSI CCA adapatibility test failures.



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