Specific MAC address impact performance

Yu-Chieh jay0607 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 03:50:47 PDT 2015


I am working on IBSS mode by using ath10k. However i met some problem
about the performance issue
First of all, i set up two nodes, A (74:DA:38:19:19:DC) and B
(74:DA:38:06:E1:96) and run iperf.
i can get around 170 Mbps form A to B

Then, i turn on the third node C(74:DA:38:06:E1:BE).
The performance is deteriorated to around 30Mbps.
If i turn off node C, the performance go back to 170 Mbps.

At the same environment and same devices, i jsut change the mac of B
to (74:DA:38:06:E1:B2)
Everything is good.
No matter node c is on or off, the performance always keep on 170Mbps.

Anyone have any idea about this problem?


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