[PATCH] Revert "mac80211: remove exposing 'mfp' to drivers"

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Tue Oct 13 01:31:41 PDT 2015

On Wed, 2015-10-07 at 10:40 +0530, c_traja at qti.qualcomm.com wrote:
> From: Tamizh chelvam <c_traja at qti.qualcomm.com>
> This reverts commit 5c48f1201744233d4f235c7dd916d5196ed20716.
> Some device drivers (ath10k) offload part of aggregation including 
> AddBA/DelBA
> negotiations to firmware. In such scenario, the PMF configuration of
> the station needs to be provided to driver to enable encryption of
> AddBA/DelBA action frames.


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