[ath10k] Disable multicast rates

Ángel Suero angel.suero at aoifes.com
Tue Oct 6 02:09:19 PDT 2015

Dear Mr. Valo,

Let me introduce you to our company. AOIFES is a spanish company which
develops software for embedded systems. We are using wireless modules in
our systems. These modules are using the ath10k driver.

We are doing some wireless streaming tests using g+n wireless mode and
we have some doubts regarding the ath10k driver.

Please, can you give to us some hints in how to disable the g mode
(legacy rates) for the multicast frames? We would like to have higher
multicast stream rates in our tests.

Thanks in advance.


Angel Suero Campano
Senior SW Developer

Calle Itálica 1, 1ª Planta
41900 Camas (Sevilla)

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