[PATCH] ath10k: only advertise mesh support in raw mode

Peter Oh poh at codeaurora.org
Thu Oct 1 11:59:02 PDT 2015

On 09/30/2015 07:54 PM, Bob Copeland wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 10:27:30AM -0700, Peter Oh wrote:
>> I prefer the current design to this new approach because drivers already
>> know if it's mesh capable or not at build time, hence adding runtime
>> configuration is redundant.
> I do think the proposed patch is a bit overboard, so I suppose my vote is
> to
> keep it the way it is, even if a little user-unfriendly.
>> One more thing we have to think about is enabling mesh in only raw mode.
>> In standard view point, mesh is only available in raw mode on ath10k,
>> however ath10k is also able to run mesh in native WiFi mode in current
>> mac80211 design since mac80211 handles packets per interface. So that
>> mac80211 knows that packets are for mesh without looking at mesh control
>> present bit when they come into mesh interface.
> This is true, it'll work with mac80211, but it violates the standard
> (802.11-2012
I agree.
> For the benefit of others, as I just retested non-rawmode -- the issue is
> that QoS control in nwifi frames is missing the "Mesh Control Present"
> bit.
> However, it still includes the mesh control field, which is the part
> that has the mesh sequence number and address extension fields.
> As a result, a packet parser might misinterpret the mesh control field as
> the LLC header -- the wireshark dissector at least gets confused like
> this.
> I would think a small change to ath10k firmware could fix this though,
> vendor willing.
I'm working with firmware guy and there is possibility that firmware 
handles this issue properly.

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