[PATCH v3] ath10k: add 'cryptmode' param to support raw tx injection and software crypto

Kalle Valo kvalo at qca.qualcomm.com
Thu Jun 11 06:59:31 PDT 2015

Liu CF/TW <cfliu.tw at gmail.com> writes:

> This change supports hardware crypto engine bypass by enabling raw
> Rx/Tx encap mode. This enables use cases such as software crypto and raw
> tx injection. This change introduces a new module param 'cryptmode'.
> cryptmode:
>   0: Use hardware crypto engine globally with native Wi-Fi mode TX/RX
>      encapsulation to the firmware. This is the default mode.
>   1: Use sofware crypto engine globally with raw mode TX/RX encapsulation
>      to the firmware.

These two values are ok.

>   2: Supports both hardware and software crypto with raw mode TX/RX
>      encapsulation to the firmware. By default hardware crypto engine is
>      used. To use software crypto in this mode, set the per ath10k_vif
>      'nohwcrypt' flag value to True.*
>      *) The patch for setting vif specific 'nohwcrypt' flag when
>         cryptmode=2 would be a separate patch to mac80211.

But this the problematic one. I cannot apply something to ath10k until
Johannes applies the mac80211 part. Didn't I mention this already
earlier? At least I was supposed to do that.

And most importantly does Johannes even agree with the approach? IIRC he
was pretty reluctant about configuring the crypto mode via nl80211.

I suggest splitting the patch into two: patch 1 adding support for
cryptmode values 0 and 1, patch 2 adding support for cryptmode 2. That
way we can commit patch 1 early and see what we can do with patch 2.

Kalle Valo

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