Does the reg_addr/reg_value reading work?

Ben Greear greearb at
Mon Jun 8 09:11:29 PDT 2015

I am not getting expected values when I try to read registers
through the ath10k reg_addr/reg_value API.

For instance, I tried reading a particular register 0x80e0
(as defined in the firmware), and I get a zero value.  With a different
API that I wrote to dump some specific registers over the WMI API,
I get the expected value.

# echo 0x80e0 > /debug/ieee80211/wiphy0/ath10k/reg_addr
# cat /debug/ieee80211/wiphy0/ath10k/reg_value
# cat /debug/ieee80211/wiphy0/ath10k/fw_regs

   ath10k Target Register Dump

           MAC-FILTER-ADDR-L32 0xd7ffffff

Is there some trick I am missing?


Ben Greear <greearb at>
Candela Technologies Inc

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