AP mode firmware crash on QCA9880-BR4A

Michal Kazior michal.kazior at tieto.com
Mon Jul 20 04:41:10 PDT 2015

On 18 July 2015 at 13:53, Martin Blumenstingl
<martin.blumenstingl at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Michal,
> On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 12:50 PM, Michal Kazior <michal.kazior at tieto.com> wrote:
>> Do you guys know if 10.2-00082[1] crashes as well?
> I just tested that firmware version and it crashes with the same symptoms.
> And because you asked before: firmware-2.bin is the only firmware that
> does not crash (and thus managed to get other devices to connect to
> this AP).

Firmware file names aren't versions and don't use them as such. The
naming serves only for backward compatibility between firmware and
driver releases.

Use firmware version strings, please. I.e. 10.1.467-xxx.

>> If someone is brave enough with spare time one could attempt to
>> re-implement the old by-copy beaconing (which copies entire beacon
>> frame into WMI command instead of passing just dma pointer; see [2]
>> for reference) to see if it makes any difference. If that helps it
>> would imply the crash is indeed related to dma beaconing. If it
>> doesn't it would prove nothing though.
> I have written this hack to make it use non-DMA beacon transfers: [0]
> I am not sure whether it's correct or not, but it seems to suffer from
> the same problem: [1]

The patch looks good.

Can you post contents of your
/sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy*/ath10k/wmi_services, please?

(for both 10.1.467 and any of 10.2 that crashes)

> You also requested a more detailed debug log - you can also find it here: [2].
> (my hack is not applied here)
> I chose debug mask 0xFFFFBFFF because I cannot read anything with
> ATH10K_DBG_PCI_PS enabled.

I'd recommend using traces[1] instead as they won't suffer from this
problem. Kernel log buffer isn't big enough to debug everything with
mere prints.

[1]: https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/ath10k/debug#tracing


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