[ath10k] IBSS mode

Sylvain ROGER RIEUNIER sylvain.roger.rieunier at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 05:08:24 PST 2015

I just made some tests with the ath10k driver in IBSS mode and I found
several problems:

1) TSF management can't be done correctly. You can't make GET, SET or
RESET actions, because no command is sent to the firmware. However the
WMI_RTT_TSF_CMDID command exists. I tried some changes (see patch),
but they did not produce any effect.

2) Rate control update is not functional in the firmware. Data rate is
stuck at 25 Mbit/s between an ath10k IBSS station and an ath9k IBSS
station. However the rate control update works fine in mac80211 (I
checked it thanks to IBSS debug msg) and IE HT settings are correctly
transmitted on both side (I checked it using a third interface in
monitor mode). The ath10k_wmi_peer_assoc command does not seem to work
for reassoc state to update data rate.

Conclusion: the firmware seems incomplete for IBSS mode operation. Is
there any planned development on the IBSS mode in the firmware?

Note: I did my tests with the firmware-2.bin_999.999.0.636 firmware.

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