TX statistics

Ilias Syrigos ilias013 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 08:50:49 PST 2015

Hello again,

I'm still trying to calculate the Packet Delivery Ratio statistic.

By considering the tx_packets variable which represents the packets
passed to ath10k driver for transmission, I thought I should be able
to calculate the probability of successful transmission by disabling

However iw set retry does not seem to work and I have neither found a
way to do it through a hack in ath10k source code.

Can you please provide me with a direction on how to do that?

Thank you in advance,

2014-12-27 21:44 GMT+02:00 Ilias Syrigos <ilias013 at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I am trying to calculate the PDR (Packet Delivery Ratio) statistic
> while operating with ac wifi cards supported by ath10k driver, but
> without success.
> With ath9k driver I was able to calculate PDR through mac80211 debugFS
> stats and specifically through tx_packets counter and tx_retry_count.
> However, with ath10k, firmware doesn't seem to update retry counter
> and I couldn't get relevant statistics through fw_stats.
> Can you suggest any other way to get tx attempts and retries in ath10k?
> Thank you in advance,
> Ilias

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