Queries about ath10k driver and QCA988x based radio from sparklan

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Use iw tool.

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Hi Sunder, 

We have upgraded kernel to 4.4.0 version. Also updated firmware from git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git for QCA988X. We are able to get up wlan0 in master mode and also able to see it on our client mobiles which supports 802.11ac with link speed 450Mbps. However iwconfig utility is not showind interface protocol as 802.11ac.

Does any one know whether iwconfig supports 802.11ac protocol information display as it looks like our radio is working as 802.11ac only?


Ankur Saxena

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Did you update your firmware ?


 It worked for us in 3.18 Kernel

 Use the above link.

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 Subject: Queries about ath10k driver and QCA988x based radio from sparklan

 Hi All,

We have purchased radio module "WPEA-352ACN" from SparkLan. We are using
 this radio module with ViaTech board for 802.11 AC functionality. We are
 running linux kernel 3.19.1 with atheros driver ath10k up with all the
 configuration elements.

 We are facing some issues in getting up 802.11 AC functionality for the
 radio. Please find below the queries:

 1) We are using latest ath10k driver with 802.11AC configuration
 enabled. On loading the driver for ath10k, we are not seeing "802.11AC"
 in iwconfig utility for wlan interface. It is showing only 802.11 abgn
 for the interface.

 2) Tried to make AP using the interface by taking help of hostapd
 utility. Searched on internet for configuration related to making 802.11
 AC AP and used them all. In this case, Mode parameter in iwconfig is
 changed to Master which shows AP functionality, but the interface is
 still showing 802.11 abgn supported only.

 3) We are using plain text version of regulatory database file (DB.txt)
 which is maintained for use of CRDA. We are making sure that DB.txt file
 is parsed properly and the database is added into MAC driver by parsing
 the database file.

 4) While running hostapd with full configuration for 802.11AC AP
 settings, no error is seen for setting up the interface. Channel setting
 is done for Auto-configuration and VHT settings are also applied in the
 configuration file. The interface is not able to get up in 802.11 AC
 mode, instead it is coming up only in 802.11 abgn only.

 5) There is one error seen after firmware gets downloaded and starts
 running. The error is as below:
 ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Direct firmware load for
 ath10k/cal-pci-0000:02:00.0.bin failed with error -2
 Can this may create this issue to happen also?

 Please find attached the DB.txt and hostapd configuration file for

 Can anyone please help us in getting 802.11 AC mode up and running in
 the radio.

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