IBSS mode performance degradation

Onur Eker Onur.Eker at argela.com.tr
Tue Dec 22 06:48:04 PST 2015


During my tests on more than 2 nodes in IBSS mode, I find out that switching off a node degrades other nodes' communications. My setup is as follows:

Phy: more than 2 nodes in IBSS mode at VHT-80, same channel, same BSSI
Nodes: 20151203 compat-wireless backports, '636' firmware, openwrt trunk, QCA9880 v2 (archer c7)
All nodes can communicate each other directly, forwarding/routing is not active.

When any of these nodes are switched off via power off or interface down, communication between other nodes are almost cut off for at least a minute (i.e. unstable very high ping values between nodes).


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