[PATCH] ath10k: Drop probe responses when too many are queued

Natarajan, Vivekanandan nataraja at qti.qualcomm.com
Mon Aug 31 22:22:33 PDT 2015

On 8/31/2015 10:01 PM, Ben Greear wrote:
> On 08/31/2015 04:04 AM, Vivek Natarajan wrote:
>> In a noisy environment, when multiple interfaces are created,
>> the management tx descriptors are fully occupied by the probe
>> responses from all the interfaces. This prevents a new station
>> from a successful association.
>> Fix this by limiting the probe responses when the specified
>> threshold limit is reached.
> Is this useful when firmware supports management-tx over HTT (instead 
> of WMI)?

Yes, it is applicable for HTT path.  The mgmt frames through the HTT 
path use the tx descriptors in the firmware. This patch just prevents 
its overuse by probe response frames.


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