qca6164 support

Victor van Poppelen vvanpo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 08:32:08 PDT 2015

> I think you should have called your firmwware firmware-4.bin and not
> -5.bin. In fact in the top of the file I have it says ">
> firmware-4.bin". File names matters as far as I understood. Feel free
> to check archives of this list I saw somebody talking about this
> argument not long ago.

I admit I foolishly only changed the name to firmware-5.bin to prevent
the minute-long timeout (can we do something about that?), which is
probably the same reason why others were doing it.  But in looking
through the code, I can't find anywhere where the value of ar->fw_api
actually affects driver behaviour.  Could you point me to where this
value becomes important?


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