attempting mesh on ath10k

Bob Copeland me at
Sun Apr 26 07:15:53 PDT 2015

On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 06:38:02PM -0700, Ben Greear wrote:
> I have IBSS support working, and at least non-encrypted raw transmit
> can work in my firmware, though raw tx requires Michal's RFC patch
> he posted some time ago.

(Michal's RFC patch is in my repo.)

So I got a bit further.  I was still getting a crash with CT firmware, but,
suspecting that we pass something invalid in assoc message for mesh, I forced
peer->aid = 1 and then it no longer crashes shortly after adding the first
peer on either CT or QCA firmware.

I pushed that hack into my repo for now -- I think we want to rethink how and
when AIDs are generated in mesh.

# iw dev wlan0 station dump
Station 00:03:7f:10:4e:2d (on wlan0)
        inactive time:  400 ms
        rx bytes:       34019
        rx packets:     959
        tx bytes:       152
        tx packets:     3
        tx retries:     0
        tx failed:      0
        signal:         -27 dBm
        signal avg:     -26 dBm
        tx bitrate:     6.0 MBit/s
        rx bitrate:     9.0 MBit/s
        mesh llid:      220
        mesh plid:      455
        mesh plink:     ESTAB
        mesh local PS mode:     ACTIVE
        mesh peer PS mode:      ACTIVE
        mesh non-peer PS mode:  ACTIVE
        authorized:     yes
        authenticated:  yes
        preamble:       long
        WMM/WME:        yes
        MFP:            no
        TDLS peer:      no

So, progress!

There's still an issue with datapath -- while it looks like we can establish
plinks, I couldn't get unicast traffic flowing even if manually setting up
mpaths and arp table entries.  I haven't yet got all of my 5 ghz capable gear
in the same room to monitor and see where the problem lies.

Bob Copeland %%

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