ath10k firmware crash

voncken cedric.voncken at
Wed Oct 15 06:05:09 PDT 2014

> > I did some tests with a linksys WRT1900AC and I have ~950 mbps OTA easily.
> You mean ath10k (STA) VS WRT1900AC get up ~950mbps?
> If so, could you say what's the HW, FW version you use?
My test platform is one WRT1900AC set in bridge mode with a computer.

If I use the WRT1900AC in AP mode with another computer, I have 950 mbps
If I use the cavium octon III dev plateform + ath10k driver in AP mode, I have around 700 mbps

I'm using the latest compat wireless (2014-09-26) from openwrt.
The wireless card is the WLE900VX from compex or DAXA-O1 from Unex.

The WRT1900AC have mimo 4x4 with 3 streams, and my wireless card have mimo 3x3 with 3 streams. Maybe that explains the difference.

Cedric Voncken.
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