ath10k firmware crash

voncken cedric.voncken at
Mon Oct 13 05:06:51 PDT 2014

> >
> > Have you a benchmark reference with ATH10K ? at this time we can send
> around 700 Mbit/s, is it the maximum or we can expected better ?
> If this is OTA then this is pretty good. If this is cabled RF w/ attentuator
> it should be possible to get ~900mbps of UDP traffic with multiple streams on
> iperf. At least that's what I was getting on 10.1 firmware (on both AP and
> STA) last time I checked.
> Getting more than 700mbps OTA requires AP and STA antenna alignment voodoo.
I did some tests with a linksys WRT1900AC and I have ~950 mbps OTA easily.
> Michał
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