How to know the information about RTS reception in mac80211 or device driver

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Wed Oct 8 07:17:11 PDT 2014

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On 7 October 2014 13:30, Okhwan Lee <ohlee at> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are trying to develop an algorithm by using the information of RTS reception at the receiver side. (actually, we need the preceding frame of A-MPDU).
> As far as we know, RTS/CTS exchange is done by firmware of NIC.
> However, in monitor mode, we quite sure that the RTS/CTS frame reception should be reported to upper layer.
> As an evidence, Wireshark can capture and display the RTS/CTS reception.
> However, mac80211 and device driver (e.g., ath10k) can not recognize the reception of RTS even if we put the WiFi NIC in monitor mode.
> We check the type and subtype of frame_control field for all the received frames at the “ieee80211_rx_monitor” function of mac80211.
> We can find the reception of data frames amd mgmt frames, but there is no RTS/CTS frame.
> (We confirm that there is the RTS/CTS frame by using wireshark.)
> Is there any way to know the information about RTS reception in mac80211 or device driver?

I think you've just found an ath10k bug.

I've been running through Rx code lately. I was looking at
htt_rx_mpdu_status and noticed it was a bit greedy. I then recalled
someone was complaining about RTS reception.

I'll try to fix this soon. I'll put you in Cc in case you'd want to
play with it before it's merged.


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