Unable to upgrade firmware for QCA988x module, ath10k!

Ramprasad Vempati ramprasad.vempati at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 09:55:25 PDT 2014

Thanks Michal. It's working now after assigning IP to br0 interface.

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 12:00 PM, Michal Kazior <michal.kazior at tieto.com> wrote:
> On 4 October 2014 15:20, Ramprasad Vempati <ramprasad.vempati at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Michal,
>> As you suggested I've moved to latest stable kernel: 3.16.3 . I still
>> have the same problem.
>> Problem is: My AP starts advertising beacons, clients connect & also
>> talk to each other. but Client to AP or AP to client communication is
>> not going through. On the Ap interface I see ARP requests coming, but
>> no ARP response. Below is the console output. I'm attaching hostapd
>> logs also for your reference.
>> FW I'm using is: 10.1.467-2.1
> [...]
> Hostap logs point out you have a br0 (bridge) interface and wlan3 is a
> part of it. You should be setting for br0 instead of
> wlan3:
>  ifconfig wlan3
>  ifconfig br0
> Michał

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