[PATCH 0/4] ath10k: Add tracing for tx and rx frames

Sujith Manoharan sujith at msujith.org
Mon Oct 6 06:36:13 PDT 2014

Rajkumar Manoharan wrote:
> These changes are the extension of pktlog for dumping tx and rx
> frames to user space. I am rebasing Michal's work on top of pktlog.
> -Rajkumar
> Michal Kazior (3):
>   ath10k: add tracepoint for wmi mgmt tx frames
>   ath10k: add tracepoint for wmi bcn tx
>   ath10k: add htt rx tracepoints

These tracepoints look really similar, maybe you can
group them into an event class.


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