[ath9k-devel] Support for killer n1525

Sujith Manoharan sujith at msujith.org
Mon Nov 3 17:06:47 PST 2014

Joris Guisson wrote:
> I recently purchased an MSI GT 72 gaming laptop with a killer n1525 wifi card
> in it. The wifi didn't work, so I took a look at the latest kernel release
> (3.18-rc3), and it seems there is no support in it for the card. I didn't find
> the PCI device id (0x003e) listed in any of the atheros drivers, the only
> killer related entries where in ath9k:
> It may just be a matter of adding a new device ID entry in the table above, if
> the NIC more or less works like previous killer NIC's.

This card/HW is not supported by ath9k. I think work is ongoing to add
support for this HW family to ath10k.


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