ath10k: firmware crash in station mode & problem DFS

Vu Hai NGUYEN vh.nguyen at
Fri May 30 04:55:44 PDT 2014

>> OK, btw I see there is a bug when sending frame using monitor
>> interface in mac80211 in ieee80211_monitor_start_xmit() - because of
>> that you have this problem. Seems for old kernel < 3.3.0 monitor
>> interface is required.
>> I will fix mac80211 issue when monitor is used.

>Please remove your hack (use_monitor again) and check attached patch.

Thanks for the the patch, I applied and it worked with a monitor interface in AP mode. But do you why does it require monitor interface for old kernel < 3.3.0?
Btw, I have a doubt, in both case (I means when I applied your patch or my hack), I have to run the command "iw wlan0 scan" (after running wpa_supplicant) on my station to connect if the channel employs DFS
If the channel doesn't employs DFS, it can connect directly after running wpa_supplicant.

>> I get another question: There a conflict of information about HT40+ and HT40- in hostapd and ht40allow_map (fromdebugfs).
>> In the hostapd.conf example file:
>> #      Note: There are limits on which channels can be used with HT40- and
>> #       HT40+. Following table shows the channels that may be available for
>> #       HT40- and HT40+ use per IEEE 802.11n Annex J:
>> #       freq            HT40-           HT40+
>> #       5 GHz   40,48,56,64     36,44,52,60
>> It means the channel 48 is not available in HT40+. But the info from ht40allow_map said that channel 5240 Mhz (ie 48) is available in both 40+ and 40-.
>> If I set ht-capab=[HT40+] and channel=48, hostapd can not setup AP mode.
>> And the channel 140 can not be set neither in bandwidth 40+ nor 40- even my "iw list' show that channel 140 is available.
>> Is there a problem with ht40allow_map?
> Seems ht40allow_map don't care about 80211n standard, just check
> neighbor channels and set -/+. So, hostapd play with this correctly.
> channel 140 as I remember correctly is disabled for all atheros cards.
> I think Luis write about it.

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