[PATCH] ath10k: fix vdev map size for 10.x firmware

Bartosz Markowski bartosz.markowski at tieto.com
Thu May 29 07:10:39 PDT 2014

On 29 May 2014 15:47, Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com> wrote:
> On 05/29/2014 06:36 AM, Bartosz Markowski wrote:
>> Firmware 10.x supports up to 8 virtual AP interfaces
>> (comparing to 7 for main firmware). Previous vdev map
>> initialization was missing enough space for 8 + 1 vdevs
>> (we may spent one for mac monitor), due to wrong define used.
>> Use correct one - TARGET_10X_NUM_VDEVS - for 10.x firmware.
> You are bumping total vdevs up to 16 with that patch...have you
> actually tested that many?  The stock firmware has quite a bit of
> deficiencies in the concurrency handling, at least for stations.

No, I have never tested it with so many. I'm running tests with 8 at
most. And by this patch I just aimed to support 8 VAPS we advertise in
iface_combinations to mac80211 (.max_interfaces = 8). I was managed to
get only 7 before, since 1 vdev was being allocated as monitor.

[  219.960000] ath10k: mac monitor refs: promisc 1 monitor 0 cac 0
[  219.960000] ath10k: mac monitor vdev 1 created

I agree the 10X_NUM_VDEVS is a bit unfortunate with its 16 value, but
that's what was there from FW APIs for a long time and I do not know
exactly if it's still valid (from firmware point of view).

> For what it's worth, my firmware will only work on stock kernels
> because I ignore the request for 16 vdevs in the firmware and knock
> it down to 8 to match the kernel driver (before your change below).

Do you encode your firmware with the FW IE (wmi-10x) also? If som then
it's a bit weird to have different firmware tracks that introduce
themselves as 10.x.


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