ath10k: firmware crash in station mode & problem DFS

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Thu May 22 09:44:19 PDT 2014

Vu Hai NGUYEN <vh.nguyen at> writes:

> I didn't have the option -T in my hostapd, only those: 
> options:                                                                        
>    -h   show this usage                                                         
>    -d   show more debug messages (-dd for even more)                            
>    -B   run daemon in the background                                            
>    -e   entropy file                                                            
>    -g   global control interface path                                           
>    -G   group for control interfaces                                            
>    -P   PID file                                                                
>    -K   include key data in debug messages                                      
>    -t   include timestamps in some debug messages                               
>    -v   show hostapd version                  
> Is it because I don't have package trace installed in my kernel???? 

You need to enable CONFIG_DEBUG_LINUX_TRACING in hostapd to get -T
switch. It's documented here:

Kalle Valo

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