ath10k: firmware crash in station mode

Vu Hai NGUYEN vh.nguyen at
Thu May 15 06:27:33 PDT 2014

>This is NULL dereference in firmware. I suspect it's an incomplete
>driver-firmware setup (i.e. some commands weren't issued or were

>Can you enable debug logs ( echo 0xffffff3f | sudo tee /sys/module/ath10k_core/parameters/debug_mask ) before you try to
>associate and post logs, please? I'd like to see command sequence sent
>to firmware before the crash happens.

I enable directly the debug_mask when I load the module "modprobe ath10k_core.ko debug_mask=0x0xffffff3f" (I thought it is the same thing like what you do, right?).
You can found de debug mess in the attached file (debug_10-1.txt). (line 3007: wlan0: associated and then in line 3008: ath10k: firmware crashed!)

>Can you post the crash logs (as noted above) when you try the 999
>branch too, please? It seems 999 crashes sooner than 10.1. It might be
>helpful to see the different crash points.

Yes it crashed sooner. There are no wlan0: associated in the debug message. (attached file: debug_999.txt).

>I have no idea what version of kernel you're using. Perhaps you broke
>your source tree when merging/rebasing/cherry-picking/backporting?
>What's your git head commit?

>I can associate ath10k with both firmware branches without a problem.

Actually I'm compiling ath10k from backports version 3.15 for linux kernel 3.2.36 (provided for my chipset Marvell Armada 370). And I replace the folder /driver/net/wireless/ath from the one of master branch of ath10k (I can not see the information from debug file "fw_stats"  with the version ath10k of backport). I also applied the patch for get/set antennas too. 

>Yes, this works (or at least it should). It might be tricky to get it
>right for someone who's not familiar with regulatory shenanigans in
>some cases.

>Recently there was a bug introduced that broke DFS (see linux-wireless
>mailing list; it's in the process of being fixed), but since you
>haven't provided any information what your kernel tree is I can't tell
>if that's the actual problem or not.

My kernel tree is 3.2.36 (sorry if I don't get what you mean). Please feel free to ask me more information if you need.

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