ath10k does not support selection antenna yet?

Ben Greear greearb at
Wed May 7 08:09:44 PDT 2014

Can you let me know what command you used to get this firmware

On 05/07/2014 12:36 AM, Vu Hai NGUYEN wrote:

> But with the version from ath master tree, I always get wlan0: link is not ready (and there is no backtrace msg).
> And in both versions, the firmware usually crashed when I set a channel lower than 52 (I don't get backtrace msg in these cases):
> wlan0: AP-ENABLED
> ath10k: firmware crashed!
> ath10k: hardware name qca988x hw2.0 version 0x4100016c
> ath10k: firmware version: 10.1.467.2-1
> ath10k: target register Dump Location: 0x0040AAA4
> ath10k: target Register Dump
> ath10k: [00]: 0x4100016C 0x000015B3 0x0099F306 0x00955B31
> ath10k: [04]: 0x0099F306 0x00060530 0x00000005 0x00000000
> ath10k: [08]: 0x009B8164 0x004118C4 0x0043DD84 0x00400000
> ath10k: [12]: 0x00000009 0xFFFFFFFF 0x0095808C 0x009580A2
> ath10k: [16]: 0x00958080 0x0094085D 0x00000000 0x00000000
> ath10k: [20]: 0x4099F306 0x0040ABB4 0x00955A00 0x00000003
> ath10k: [24]: 0x809995A1 0x0040AC14 0x0040ACB4 0xC099F306
> ath10k: [28]: 0x80999400 0x0040AC44 0x004343F0 0x0040ACCC
> ath10k: [32]: 0x8098CE0E 0x0040AC64 0x004343F0 0x0040ACCC
> ath10k: [36]: 0x809912AC 0x0040AC84 0x004343F0 0x0040ACCC
> ath10k: [40]: 0x8099147A 0x0040ACA4 0x0041ED48 0x00434488
> ath10k: [44]: 0x80991661 0x0040AD24 0x00000000 0x0042F2A0
> ath10k: [48]: 0x8099081C 0x0040AD84 0x00434488 0x0042F1CC
> ath10k: [52]: 0x809909D0 0x0040ADA4 0x00000000 0x0042D704
> ath10k: [56]: 0x809968F1 0x0040AEC4 0x0041ED48 0x00000000
> ath10k: suspend timed out - target pause event never came
> ieee80211 phy0: Hardware restart was requested
> ath10k: device successfully recovered


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