compat-wireless-2014-05-22 breaks ath10k in an Archer C7 v2

Sven Schnelle svens at
Thu Jun 12 12:37:00 PDT 2014

Am 12.06.2014 14:57, schrieb Michal Kazior:
> Interesting. I assume you see this exact same mac addr in ifconfig for 
> ath10k's wlan interface? If OTP is broken you usually get 
> 00:03:07:12:34:56 if my memory serves right. What mac address do you 
> get when you use the stock firmware-2.bin and board.bin (instead of 
> mine/from mtd)? Michał 

I get the mac address from board.bin. If i understand OTP correct, it 
should instead use the Mac Adress from
OTP. My guess is that the OTP Memory on that device is simply not 
programmed, so it falls back to board.bin.
Is my assumption correct? On system without programmed OTP, shouldn't 
ath10k start up and simply fall back
to board.bin instead of bailing out?

I'm not sure if i really unterstood how otp and board.bin relates to 
each other now. ;)


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