[PATCH v5 6/7] ath10k: save firmware RAM and ROM BSS sections on crash

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Sat Aug 9 09:54:23 PDT 2014

On 08/08/2014 11:05 PM, Kalle Valo wrote:
> Ben Greear <greearb at candelatech.com> writes:
>> On 08/08/2014 01:29 PM, Kalle Valo wrote:
>>> +/* estimated values, hopefully these are enough */
>>> +#define ATH10K_ROM_BSS_BUF_LEN 10000
>>> +#define ATH10K_RAM_BSS_BUF_LEN 30000
>>> +
>>>   /* used for crash-dump storage, protected by data-lock */
>>>   struct ath10k_fw_crash_data {
>>>   	bool crashed_since_read;
>>> @@ -301,6 +305,9 @@ struct ath10k_fw_crash_data {
>>>   	u32 reg_dump_values[REG_DUMP_COUNT_QCA988X];
>>>   	u8 stack_buf[ATH10K_FW_STACK_SIZE];
>>>   	u8 exc_stack_buf[ATH10K_FW_STACK_SIZE];
>>> +
>>> +	u8 rom_bss_buf[ATH10K_ROM_BSS_BUF_LEN];
>>> +	u8 ram_bss_buf[ATH10K_RAM_BSS_BUF_LEN];
>>>   };
>> That (using estimates instead of allocating memory when we know the
>> true value and/or when we need it) is wasting quite a bit of RAM.
>> Doesn't matter on my systems, but AP manufacturers might be more
>> ticklish about RAM usage...
> Yeah, that is a problem bu this can be avoided by disabling
> CONFIG_ATH10K_DEBUGFS altogether. But on the other hand, there might be
> people who would still prefer to enable debugfs but not waste RAM on
> firmware crash dumps. For those we could add a module parameter or
> similar to disable firmware crash dumps, but is that overengineering
> already?
> Another option is that we do firmware crash memory allocation on the
> fly, when the crash happens. But as we are in atomic context it's pretty
> expensive. We cannot do huge kmalloc() call due to memory fragmentation
> and I doubt __vmalloc() is acceptable to call in atomic contexts (at
> least I didn't find use of that in the kernel).
> Third option is that we allocate crash dump buffers after the firmware
> has been loaded and FW IEs are read. That way we don't allocate any
> extra memory but the fundamental problem still persists.

I'd prefer this third option..seems more elegant all around.

I don't think you can do vmalloc in atomic context, btw.  But, can do it
on firmware load.


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