Reporting firmware stats to ethtool

Ben Greear greearb at
Thu Aug 7 14:57:49 PDT 2014

I'm working on a patch to report the stats seen in debugfs/...ath10k/fw_stats
as ethtool stats, somewhat similar to how ath9k does it.

I notice that my user-space tool is reporting huge numbers because
the stats are reset to zero when firmware restarts, and so my tool
thinks the stats wrapped.

I can fix my tool easily enough, but I first wanted to see if
anyone had strong feelings about keeping the stats from resetting
to zero by storing history and calculating diffs in the driver.

I think my preference is to punt this to user-space, but if
someone feels otherwise, please let me know sooner than later.


Ben Greear <greearb at>
Candela Technologies Inc

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