ath10k with hostapd

Hayat, Samira Samira.Hayat at
Tue Aug 5 05:59:50 PDT 2014


I have been trying to get hostapd running for 80211ac. I have a card
that supports n/ac. I used backports to get ath10k running on my kernel.
the output of

lsmod | grep ath10k


ath10k_pci             41185     0 
ath10k_core           137353  1 ath10k_pci
mac80211              613458  1 ath10k_core
ath                           28966    1 ath10k_core
cfg80211                 586956  3 ath10k_core,mac80211,ath
compat                    29841    3 ath10k_pci,mac80211,cfg80211

I have tried running hostapd with config_80211n and config_80211ac
enabled in the .config file. Even having done that, I get

Configuration file: ./hostapd-minimal.conf
Line 8: unknown configuration item 'ht_capab'
Line 9: unknown configuration item 'ieee80211n'
Line 10: unknown configuration item 'ieee80211ac'
Line 11: unknown configuration item 'vht_oper_chwidth'
Line 12: unknown configuration item 'vht_oper_centr_freq_seg0_idx'
5 errors found in configuration file './hostapd-minimal.conf'
Failed to set up interface with ./hostapd-minimal.conf
Failed to initialize interface

when I try to run hostapd-minimal.conf (minimal configuration taken from
wireless linux webpage for ath10k). Any help would be highly appreciated.


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