[RFT 0/4] ath10k: fix flushing and tx stalls

Ben Greear greearb at candelatech.com
Fri Apr 4 10:49:42 EDT 2014

On 04/04/2014 04:37 AM, Michal Kazior wrote:
> Hi,
> After digging around I've found what seems to be
> the problem with WMI Tx credit starvation and
> inability to properly flush Tx in ath10k_flush().
> Long story short: if a client that was asleep (as
> per what firmware thinks) goes out of range (or
> just stops responding) then Tx rots in FW/HW
> queues for a few seconds before it's discarded.
> For WMI Tx credits this means management frames
> eat up Tx credits for a few seconds (causing other
> WMI commands to timeout and return -EAGAIN/-11).
> For HTT Tx this means NullFunc frames would get
> stuck for a few seconds before completion was
> received.
> @Ben: Can you check if this helps you? I tested
> this briefly and at least [1/4] seems fixes the
> WMI Tx starvation. I'm hoping patches 2-4 help
> with your ath10k_flush() failures which I haven't
> been successfull in reproducing (but have observed
> improvement with purging some frames out of FW/HW
> queues).

I'm out of office for a bit, but will test this as
soon as I'm back.

Thanks for looking into this!

In general, would it make more sense to have a few more tx credits
available to mitigate the slow-to-be-processed buffers?


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