ath10k: ath-next-test branch for testing patches

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Tue Oct 8 01:56:59 EDT 2013


I have noticed that Fengguan's build tests are really helpful, his build
bot has found quite a few issues. To make more use of the buildbot I
have been experimenting with ath-next-test branch for running various
tests. So I'm planning to change the ath10k patch flow to this:

1. patch gets posted to the mailing lists

2. patch is immediately applied to ath-next-test

3. waiting two business days for patch being under review (unless the patch
   is urgent)

4. if no comments or warnings, the patch is applied to ath-next branch

5. ath-next is merged to master branch

6. ath-next pull requests are sent once a week (or so)


Kalle Valo

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