[PATCH] wcn36xx: Fix logging macro with unnecessary semicolon

Joe Perches joe at perches.com
Wed Nov 6 12:55:56 EST 2013

On Wed, 2013-11-06 at 07:49 +0000, Eugene Krasnikov wrote:
> Hm... when it comes to semicolon the patch seems to be good. When it
> comes to dynamic debugging i think we should have a separate
> discussion about that.
> I personally like the whole idea about dynamic debug but if you want
> to change it i would suggest to have some kind of framework for all
> ath drivers(or maybe all wireless drivers). Because obviously you can
> find common code in every driver that defines it's own debug
> functions/debug levels and so on. Why not to make a framework with
> standard API/levels?

You need to bring that up with the Atheros folk.
I've tried.  The view seemed to be it was more
trouble than it was worth.

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