Cannot use 80MHz channel

Li Sun lsun3 at
Tue Dec 17 16:51:41 EST 2013


I am trying to play around with the ath10k driver. I have two Qualcomm
Atheros QCA9880 Version 2 802.11ac chipsets. I put one of the cards in
AP mode using hostapd and connect the other one as a client.

I am using the hostapd config mentioned at
"". The
client connects but the throughput is just around 300 Mbps (suggesting
40 MHz channel-width) and NOT any higher. It seems I am unable to use
the 80 MHz channel-width. Also, when I checked the kernel logs
(dmesg), I found the following message on the client side only:

capabilities/regulatory prevented using AP HT/VHT configuration, downgraded

Could this problem be related to CRDA ? I am in the US.

I am using the following config to build the driver:

kernel 3.6.3-030603-generic

commit 915da50d3e13e2ad5518b43dcb8681
Merge: 8250e5b 5474efe
Author: Kalle Valo
Date:   Thu Oct 24 08:43:47 2013 +0300

backport tree:
commit db67a3f06e3cbd0ac2196f7373e5e927fc1a866f
Author: Luis R. Rodriguez
Date:   Tue Aug 27 18:04:25 2013 -0700


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