Firmware Questions

Simon Wunderlich sw at
Wed Dec 11 09:32:47 EST 2013

Hey ath10k-devs,

since there are many firmwares uploaded now, I'd like to ask some questions 
about them. ;)

The ath10k-firmware repository[1] has two folders which are appearently from 
different branches. The ath10k (currently shipped default in OpenWRT) is 
supposed to support all modes, while the "ap" firmware appears to be optimzed 
for AP mode. I've tried both firmwares in OpenWRT with my QCA9882-based card in 
AP mode, and with the "ath10k" firmware there were some throughput problems 
while the "ap" showed some very good results (up to 250 mbit/s for my single 
stream cell phone in iperf).

As the firmware wiki page [2] appears to be a little outdated (it doesn't 
mention the "ap" firmware branch), my questions are:

 * are both firmwares still developed, or is one of them deprecated?
 * Is it possible to use IBSS mode with one or both of them? Since the AP 
branch worked better (for me), from what we have now I'd prefer this one. :)
 * if yes, is it possible to use AP and IBSS mode at the same time?
 * since there are different firmwares in the "ap" folder (389, 467 and 
untested/436), is there a changelog for them?
 * Are the limitations and capabilities of these firmwares documented 



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