ALPSS conference update

John Meneghini johnmeneghini at
Fri Oct 1 20:05:17 PDT 2021

This is a note to say I intend to come to ALPSS.

I have delayed sending this announcement because I’ve had so much trouble making the travel arrangements that I wanted to be sure.  However now that I have all flights and reservations booked, and it is time for me to checkin, the airlines will not issue me a boarding pass.  They haven’t accepted all of my travel documents yet - which I’m not even allowed to upload until 72 hours before the flight leaves - and I’m being told I will need to go the the airport and have my papers reviewed by a representative.  All of that notwithstanding, I’ve packed my bags today and I plan on coming to ALPSS next week. 

Travel Plans:

I will be flying from Boston into Vienna and will arrive on Sunday morning.  Then I’ll be taking the train from the Flughafen Wien to Innsbruck Hbf.  It should be single train ride straight to Innsbruck with no transfers.  I should be arriving in Innsbruck late Sunday afternoon. I’ll be staying in the Leipziger Hof at Defreggerstraße 13 / 6020 Innsbruck.  I’ll be hanging around on  Sunday and Monday and I hope to see some of you there in the city. Maybe we can meet for dinner or lunch.

Job Change:

Earlier this year I left my position at NetApp and joined Red Hat’s core storage team. I am now working with Ewan Milne, Chris Leech and Maurizio Lombardi on the RHEL storage stack.  Maurizio will be joining us at ALPSS so I look forward to meeting my new team mate for the first time, face-to-face.  Red Hat has approved both of our trips, so Maurizio and I are coming on Red Hat business.   (Hopefully that will help at the air port tomorrow).

Proposed talk:

Over the last year, while at NetApp, I worked  on NVMe TP-4097.  While I’m there at ALPSS I’d like give a presentation and talk about my work on TP-4097. Data ONTAP already supports TP-4097 and I can share a recorded demonstratoin.   I’d also like to discuss getting support for this TP upstream.

Other topics I’d like to discuss are:

- EMC’s new Centralized Discovery Controller 
     - EMC wants Linux to fully support their “fabric zones” implementation on NVMe/TCP
     - I’d like to hear what the community thinks about this.
- MDNS-SD - In the past we’ve talked about solving some of the NVMe-oF discovery problems with DNS-SD using mDNS
      - In fact, Sagi created a prototype implementation of this… I have it around here someplace.
      - As this is supposed to be a part of EMC’s CDC solutionm, I’d like to hear what the community thinks about this.
- There are two new NVMe-oF TPs that deal with NVMe-oF Discovery
- There is a new Dispersed Namespace TP

Looking forward to being there.


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