A poor maintainer's problem

Artem Bityutskiy dedekind1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 23:13:18 PST 2014

On Wed, 2014-11-05 at 21:37 +0100, Robert Jarzmik wrote:
> Well, I have a disk space issue with aiaiai.
> The problem comes from the fact that :
>  - I have 16GB of free SSD space (and yes, I have a very small SSD)
>  - I build a 30+ configs project (all arm/mach-pxa boards)
> The trick is that the build trees are kept until the last defconfig is built,
> and my SSD is not big enough (see [1]). I was wondering if I could "remove" obj1
> and obj2 build directories between 2 builds ...

Ah, you are speaking about multiple defconfig cases. I forgot the
details, but I believe there is not good reason to keep them all. As
soon as a defconfig is built, the object should not be needed.

> If it's against aiaiai design, I'll split my defconfigs in several groups.

I think this is more like an oversight.

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