[PATCH 1/3] libshell: fix subtle section parsing bug

Keller, Jacob E jacob.e.keller at intel.com
Wed May 28 16:10:20 PDT 2014

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> 29.05.2014 01:18, Keller, Jacob E wrote:
> >> This code is very old. ini_config_is_set has no more of this
> >> code.
> >
> > Actually, ini_config_is_set is something I added to the code as our
> > use case required being able to distinguish between a set but empty
> > field or a non-set field.
> Oh! My bad. I missed '_is_' in the name :)
> >> You can make a patch against recent version ?
> >>
> >> I don't know your usecase, but if you talk about the subsections,
> >> then you may be interested in shell-git-config (parser of
> >> git-like config files).
> >>
> >
> > That might be better for our case, as the git-like configuration is
> > a bit more powerful.
> Unfortunately this is exactly git-like. I wasn't able to implement the
> whole spec. Some cases are difficult to implement in shell :)
> But this is exactly exotic cases that I have never seen.

I see. That makes sense, hopefully I can take a look and see if it fits our needs. We might stick with the standard shell_ini_config since it worked well so far.

Once I have some time I will submit the patches I had on libshell against the upstream.. Is there a preferred method of patch submission?


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