[PATCH 0/3] support a few different build styles for projects

Jacob Keller jacob.e.keller at intel.com
Tue May 27 10:56:33 PDT 2014

This patch series is a beginning step towards a bit more generic projects. The
primary modivation behind this, is to support building ethtool patches which is
a userspace tool that goes with the kernel for controlling network devices. I
don't expect to extend this beyond that, as ethtool works with just this
series. Maybe others might want to continue extending it that way..

The first two patches I will push to devel, but the third, I would like some
feedback on. The two patches first support detecting coccinelle and checkpatch,
and make checkpatch optionally controlled via the configuration file. These
changes help prevent issues on non-kernel builds that don't have these files,
but are also just good sanity checks to have.

The third patch is a change which tries to detect if we're a kernel build, and
otherwise try standard ./configure or ./autogen.sh builds. This adds support
for ethtool's autogen style build script, and possibly many other standard
autotools style projects.

Jacob Keller (3):
  aiaiai-test-patchset: check for coccinelle scripts first
  aiaiai-test-patchset: make checkpatch optional like other checkers
  aiaiai-make-project: Support non-kernel project builds

 aiaiai-test-patchset                               | 49 ++++++++-----
 doc/README                                         | 10 +--
 doc/email/configuration.txt                        |  3 +
 doc/email/example-aiaiai.cfg                       |  3 +
 email/aiaiai-email-sh-functions                    |  7 +-
 email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset                   |  5 +-
 .../{aiaiai-make-kernel => aiaiai-make-project}    | 82 +++++++++++++++++++---
 helpers/aiaiai-test-bisectability                  |  4 +-
 8 files changed, 127 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)
 rename helpers/{aiaiai-make-kernel => aiaiai-make-project} (77%)


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