aiaiai script set up

Maxim Uvarov maxim.uvarov at
Fri May 16 01:45:05 PDT 2014

On 05/16/2014 11:58 AM, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> On Fri, 2014-05-16 at 11:25 +0400, Maxim Uvarov wrote:
>> On 05/16/2014 10:24 AM, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
>>> On Thu, 2014-05-15 at 20:10 +0000, Keller, Jacob E wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 2014-05-15 at 21:02 +0400, Maxim Uvarov wrote:
>>>>> On 05/15/2014 04:34 PM, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Maxim,
>>>>>> just FYI, we have a mailing list nowadays, although it is scarcely
>>>>>> populated anyway: aiaiai at
>>>>>> There are archives, etc. Let me CC it.
>>>>>> Jacob was using e-mail based work-flow, not sure if it is still the
>>>>>> case, so I'll let him answer :-)
>>>>> looks like answer is separate process with:
>>>>> aiaiai-email-dispatcher -v  .../queue "aiaiai-email-test-patchset ..."
>>>>> at lest it began work for me.
>>>>> question is gone.
>>>> Yes, you use the aiaiai-email-dispatcher for scheduling, and it calls
>>>> the aiaiai-email-test-patchset. Note that we have a lot of changes
>>>> currently in the devel branch that I am getting ready to push into
>>>> master, that will somewhat change how this command is run, but I think
>>>> the overall changes are beneficial (moves a lot of configuration into
>>>> the cfg file instead of on the command line options...)
>>> Right, user-friendliness should be improved with your latest changes,
>>> thanks!
>> Yes, also it will be good to detach it from kernel builds so that
>> verifying patches
>> for other projects should be also possible.
> Well, the whole thing was created just for the kernel. I am not sure it
> is feasible to extend it to anything else, but if someone comes up with
> a set of patches, this can be done, theoretically, although quite
> frankly, I am a bit skeptical about this. But, "patches talk, bullshit
> walks" as they say :-)
As I understand the only thing is needed is to remove make defconfig. So 
that user can define
which command to use for building. At least it worked in my case for 
master branch.

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