aiaiai script set up

Maxim Uvarov maxim.uvarov at
Thu May 15 10:02:47 PDT 2014

On 05/15/2014 04:34 PM, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> Hi Maxim,
> just FYI, we have a mailing list nowadays, although it is scarcely
> populated anyway: aiaiai at
> There are archives, etc. Let me CC it.
> Jacob was using e-mail based work-flow, not sure if it is still the
> case, so I'll let him answer :-)
looks like answer is separate process with:
aiaiai-email-dispatcher -v  .../queue "aiaiai-email-test-patchset ..."

at lest it began work for me.

question is gone.

> On Thu, 2014-05-15 at 16:16 +0400, Maxim Uvarov wrote:
>> Hello Gentlemen,
>> Can you please help with this script setting up?
>> I checked that this command works well:
>>    cat /var/spool/mail/muvarov | ./aiaiai-test-patchset --bisectability
>> --sparse --cppcheck --smatch ../odp2.git dymmyconf,i386 -v -p
>> added MDA to fetchmail:
>> fetchmail.rc:
>>      mda '/opt/LINARO/aiaiai/aiaiai/email/aiaiai-email-lda -v
>> --reap-archive=43200 --reap-incomplete=10 $HOME/aiaiai-workdir
>> odp_aiai.ini > $HOME/aiaiai-logs/email-lda.log 2>&1'
>> Looks like it works well also. At least it creates file with mbox format
>> in aiaiai working directory:
>> ./queue/2014-05-14_21:11:27_-0  ./queue/2014-05-14_21:16:57_-0
>> ./queue/2014-05-14_21:20:11_-0
>> But after that files from 'queue' has to be schedules somehow to
>> aiaiai-test-patchset script. As I understand it's done with inotify for
>> watching for changes in working directory. But I have no idea how to run
>> such process. Can you please point me to the right direction?
>> Thank you,
>> Maxim.

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