[PATCH RFC aiaiai 00/11] Implement project autodetection example hook

Jacob Keller jacob.e.keller at intel.com
Thu Mar 27 11:39:58 PDT 2014

This series implements an example hook which automatically detects where a
patch should be tested against. This patch series modifies how hooks are
implemented to be similar to the new style suggested by Artem, where hook is
run by aiaiai-email-test-patchset, and has its stdout interpreted instead of
directly modifying the mbox file.

Note, I did check the remote, and this patch series is based on the
origin/devel branch. Artem said he pushed some other patches, but I do not see
them in the origin/devel, so I am guessing these did not get into the actual
public repo. I have only based my series on what is public, since I can't
access a private tree.

I tried to rebase patches into an order where the more general bug fixes came
first. I also ended up doing a bit of refactor on list_projects, to pull out
the sed portion, so that it could be re-used, and also have it display the
canonical_url if it was given.

I removed the hook from dispatcher, and put it into the email-test-patchset,
updating all the docs accordingly. Finally, I added git-find-base, and
aiaiai-autodetect-project, as well as my systemd scripts that I use for running

Jacob Keller (11):
  aiaiai: fixup srcdir in email and gerrit scripts
  dispatcher: add aiaiai-email-sh-functions to source list
  doc: rename CONFIGURATION to configuration.txt
  email: don't allow pcfg_branch to default
  email: add canonical_url variable for list_projects
  aiaiai: split sed project listing from list_projects
  email: rename error_test_patchset_failed
  aiaiai: change dispatcher hook to email hook
  aiaiai: add git-find-base utility for finding base commit from mbox
  email: example hook for aiaiai-email-test-patchset
  systemd: add scripts for running the aiaiai processes

 doc/email/{CONFIGURATION => configuration.txt} |  87 ++++++++------
 doc/email/example-aiaiai.cfg                   |  34 +++---
 email/aiaiai-email-autodetect-project          | 153 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
 email/aiaiai-email-dispatcher                  |   4 +-
 email/aiaiai-email-dispatcher-helper           |  12 +-
 email/aiaiai-email-lda                         |   4 +-
 email/aiaiai-email-sh-functions                |  37 +++---
 email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset               |  88 +++++++++++---
 gerrit/aiaiai-jenkins-test-patchset            |   4 +-
 helpers/git-find-base                          | 159 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
 systemd/aiaiai-project-update                  |  93 +++++++++++++++
 systemd/aiaiai-project-update.service          |  10 ++
 systemd/aiaiai-project-update.timer            |  12 ++
 systemd/aiaiai.service                         |  11 ++
 systemd/email.conf                             |  13 ++
 systemd/send-mail-on-failure.sh                |   7 ++
 systemd/send-mail-on-failure at .service          |   6 +
 17 files changed, 635 insertions(+), 99 deletions(-)
 rename doc/email/{CONFIGURATION => configuration.txt} (74%)
 create mode 100755 email/aiaiai-email-autodetect-project
 create mode 100755 helpers/git-find-base
 create mode 100755 systemd/aiaiai-project-update
 create mode 100644 systemd/aiaiai-project-update.service
 create mode 100644 systemd/aiaiai-project-update.timer
 create mode 100644 systemd/aiaiai.service
 create mode 100644 systemd/email.conf
 create mode 100755 systemd/send-mail-on-failure.sh
 create mode 100644 systemd/send-mail-on-failure at .service


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