[PATCH 0/3] Carried Patches for ND environment

Jacob Keller jacob.e.keller at intel.com
Tue Mar 11 08:27:16 PDT 2014

The first of these patches is the only patch which affects current aiaiai code,
other patches add new directories and shouldn't have conflicts, so I don't
really care as much if they merge.

The first patch needs to be reworked so that it is more general, and possibly
takes only hints about patch versions as well. (Possibly Gerrit Change-Id
tokens, or blurbs inside the [PATCH] section.) I would like something in this
environment for use with my teams setup which uses a driver-queue branch that
constantly changes to include the latest version of each patch that we are
currently testing, before submission upstream.

Jacob Keller (3):
  email-test-patchset: automatically obtain a base commit to test
  queue: add scripts to enable creation of combined queue branch
  systemd: add scripts for running the aiaiai processes

 doc/email/example-aiaiai.cfg          |   5 +
 email/aiaiai-email-sh-functions       |   3 +
 email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset      |  43 ++++++++-
 queue/aiaiai-rebase-queues            | 170 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 queue/aiaiai-watch-queue              |  58 ++++++++++++
 systemd/aiaiai-email.conf             |  13 +++
 systemd/aiaiai-email.service          |  13 +++
 systemd/aiaiai-queue.conf             |  22 +++++
 systemd/aiaiai-queue at .service         |  15 +++
 systemd/send-mail-on-failure.sh       |   7 ++
 systemd/send-mail-on-failure at .service |   5 +
 11 files changed, 353 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
 create mode 100755 queue/aiaiai-rebase-queues
 create mode 100755 queue/aiaiai-watch-queue
 create mode 100644 systemd/aiaiai-email.conf
 create mode 100644 systemd/aiaiai-email.service
 create mode 100644 systemd/aiaiai-queue.conf
 create mode 100644 systemd/aiaiai-queue at .service
 create mode 100755 systemd/send-mail-on-failure.sh
 create mode 100644 systemd/send-mail-on-failure at .service


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