[PATCH RFC 5/8] aiaiai-email: add [defaults] section to config

Keller, Jacob E jacob.e.keller at intel.com
Fri Mar 7 13:51:29 PST 2014

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> From: Artem Bityutskiy [mailto:dedekind1 at gmail.com]
> Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 12:11 AM
> To: Keller, Jacob E
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> Subject: Re: [PATCH RFC 5/8] aiaiai-email: add [defaults] section to config
> On Fri, 2014-03-07 at 01:29 +0000, Keller, Jacob E wrote:
> >         # Comma-separated list of e-mail addresses to always CC when
> replying.
> >         # These are maintainers or other project supervisors. This may be a
> > -       # separate mailing list for replies from Aiaiai.
> > -       always_cc = "Artem Bityutskiy"
> <artem.bityutskiy at fake.domain.com>, "Aiaiai archives" <aiaiai-
> archives at fake.comain.com>
> > +       # separate mailing list for replies from Aiaiai. This is not inclusive
> > +       # with the prj_* settings so be careful.
> > +       always_cc = "Aiaiai archives" <aiaiai-archives at fake.domain.com>
> Why would you like it to be a special case? If you ask me, it just
> complicates things. All options can be completely overridden, but not
> this single one. This one is an exception, and it is inclusive.

I made it inclusive in the original patch. It's not here. Read it more carefully. I was noting it's not inclusive since In my mind the variable is likely to be thought of as inclusive.

> Would things be simpler if everything gets overridden? Including
> always_cc. I'd just add all the recipients explicitly in the project.
> Yes, there may be duplication across projects, but the benefit is that
> things are clear and consistent.

I agree, but the code already does what you suggested.

> After all, the .ini file is a very trivial format, and I'd use it also
> in a trivial way...
> What do you think?

As I said.. maybe my comment in this wasn't clear? The previous patch was inclusive, this patch is not, so I added the comment. I did this because in my mind, the variable is possibly expected to be inclusive... I didn't code it that way though (although my original proposal did, but I have since removed that)


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