[PATCH] email-test-patchset: fix pcfg_reply_to_all

Jacob Keller jacob.e.keller at intel.com
Thu Feb 13 14:28:19 PST 2014

Through the course of several refactors, one of the patches
accidentallly broke reply_to_all functionality. In the older code, we
did a negative check, and if reply_to_all was not set, we would then
unset $to in order to prevent the compose_email function/code from
adding any Cc addresses.

However, one of the refactors missed this negative check, assumed it was
positive, and then changed the semantics so that reply_to_all = 0
caused reply behavior rather than otherwise.

This patch corrects the given commit by making it check for 1, instead
of not 1.

Signed-off-by: Jacob Keller <jacob.e.keller at intel.com>
Fixes: 092f2ca246 "(email-test-patchset: further improve readability)"
 email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset |    2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset b/email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset
index beb3e96..ed7c08c 100755
--- a/email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset
+++ b/email/aiaiai-email-test-patchset
@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ if [ -z "$pcfg_name" ]; then
 # Create the Cc list for replies that we'll be sending
-if [ "$pcfg_reply_to_all" != "1" ]; then
+if [ "$pcfg_reply_to_all" = "1" ]; then
 	# Replies all the patch recipients will be CCed
 	reply_cc="$(merge_addresses "$to" "$cc")"
 	reply_cc="$(merge_addresses "$reply_cc" "$pcfg_always_cc")"

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