[aiaiai PATCH v3 08/12] email: check the "Old-To:" header as well as "To:" and "Cc:"

Keller, Jacob E jacob.e.keller at intel.com
Thu Feb 6 13:33:33 PST 2014

On Thu, 2014-02-06 at 18:37 +0200, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-02-06 at 12:34 +0200, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> > In my workflow, a procmail filter determines which project to send a patch
> > against, and then replaces the "To:" header so that the proper project
> > receives the patch. However, this results in dropping any other recipients of
> > the email on the "To:" line. This prevents the reply_all from properly sending
> > back notices and the test results to everyone. Fix this by recognizing the
> > "Old-To" header which formail uses to store the previous "To:" data. This
> > enables aiaiai to keep track of who the original patch was sent to as well,
> > which in turn fixes the reply_to_all option.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Jacob Keller <jacob.e.keller at intel.com>
> Frankly, I did not really understand your setup. I'll try to read the
> code, which may help understanding what you do and why, but if you could
> send a bit expanded explanation, that would help.
> Am I right that "Old-To" is something you define in your procmail rules
> yourself, or this is something standard? Should we use, as you also
> said, "X-Aiaiai-Old-To" or something? But anyway, I did not really
> understand yet what is this :)

Ok. I will do my best to explain here.

I receive emails for multiple projects on the same mailing list.
Specifically, I receive patches for multiple drivers, which are supposed
to apply to different "queue" branches on the git tree. We have queues
for drivers on both net and net-next kernel tree.

The first part of this (unrelated to this patch) is that I combine the
queues, since they are on separate branches, but only affect one driver
in each branch. Basically something akin to an octopus merge.

However, I can't resolve that issue for net or net-next. In addition,
patches include in their subject [PATCH net n/m] or [PATCH net-next n/m]

I have procmail receive the emails, and filter out the patches with net
and with net-next.

Based on this, I use procmail to add a new "To:" address, which replaces
the original "To:". This "To:" is the new aiaiai+project at domain, which
enables me to have the project in the email.

formail's re-write tool, moves the current "To:" which is my mailing
list, to be "Old-To:" so it's fairly standard in that sense.

An alternative, would be instead of replacing the "To:" address, that I
have procmail add an 'X-Aiaiai-Project' header, and modify this patch so
that if X-Aiaiai-Project exists, we use that instead of the project from
the email address.

Basically, I need a way to specify the project that doesn't destroy the
"To:" address. The reason for this, is that I need to be able to still
keep track of the mailing list, as my team wants the replies from aiaiai
to be visible by all the people that watch this list.


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