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Dan Carpenter dan.carpenter at
Tue Feb 4 03:28:17 EST 2014

On Tue, Feb 04, 2014 at 08:59:14AM +0200, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> we use smatch in the Aiaiai project. Just to remind, what we do is:
> 1. Build the kernel with smatch (and other checkers too) before applying
> the "patch-set under test". Collect full log, let's call it "log1".
> 2. Apply the patch-set under test and do the same, collect full log
> again, let's call it "log2".
> Then we compare log2 and log2, and trying to show users only _new_
> gcc/smatch/spatch/coccinelle/cppcheck warnings.
> log1 and log2 may have different line numbers, and we are able to take
> this into account when the format of the warning is like this:
> path/to/the/file.c:XXX: blah blah (line YYY) blah blah
> I.e., we look for the "^path:XXX:" and "line YYY" patterns. And we can
> then look to the patch, and change XXX and YYY accordingly.
> Then if the warning is in both log1 and log2, we won't tell about it.
> Otherwise, we will complain.
> Also, all the lines starting with the same file prefix and line number
> are treated as one single block, i.e., one warning.
> This worked for smatch in the past quite well. But recently I started
> seeing that smatch may output multi-line warnings. E.g., take a look at
> Aiaiai output here:

I can't log into that.  But I think I know what you're talking about.
It's not a multi-line warning, it's just one really long line.  I need
to fix it though because it's ugly and confusing to everyone except

Can you send me a problematic warning message so I can confirm?

dan carpenter

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